Blackout (19) - fight for tomorrow - The Great Northeast Blackout - Nov 09, 1965 -

However, the thinkers at 4chan think there is more to it. Apparently just one plane was strangely given the ability to leave the airport during the outage.

In order to make up for the blackout, Dish is offering affected customers a free antenna with which they can get those broadcast signals. “Tribune is demanding an unreasonable rate increase for channels that are available for free over the air,” said Warren Schlichting, Dish's executive vice president of programming, in a statement. “Actions like Tribune’s are what drive price increases and feed customer frustration for our industry.”

[. Jones] maintains a great relationship with a guy who runs one of the military groups that we deal with. Them working together came up with .300 Blackout. They had tried .300 Whisper, and . Jones delivered this group a few samples that worked great. They delivered them 30, 7 of them worked. [Getting .300 BLK to work better] was one of [those] things – getting it SAAMI approved and standards, figuring out how to get the most velocity out of supersonic, making it accurate, making it feed reliably from 30 round mags…

Blackout (19) - Fight For TomorrowBlackout (19) - Fight For TomorrowBlackout (19) - Fight For TomorrowBlackout (19) - Fight For Tomorrow